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Beat Series

This series of paintings consists of five works each based on a text by one of the four iconic figures in Beat literature. William Burroughs; Allen Ginsberg; Lawrence Ferlinghetti; Jack Kerouac.

Four of the paintings are made by repeatedly writing/painting a particular poem over and over again. Turning the canvas upside down once it has been covered and changing the colour of the paint. This process is repeated until many layers have been built up allowing earlier colours to show through.

Joan Vollmer (Burroughs).jpg

Burroughs.Thanksgiving Prayer. 2020. acrylic on canvas 80cm x 152cm

Waving Hats and Dancing (Ferlinghetti).jpg

Ferlinghetti.The World is a Beautiful Place. 2020.

acrylic on canvas. 80cm x 152cm


Monsanto’s cabin. Kerouac. 2020. oil and acrylic on canvas.80cm x 172cm


Kerouac. Big Sur. 2020

acrylic and oil on photo reproduction on canvas.80cm x 152cm

Wales Visitation (Ginsberg).jpg

Ginsberg. Wales Visitation. 2020. acrylic on canvas.80cm x 152cm

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