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These works correspond to different episodes in Jeffrey Bligh's life. From his travels deep into remote parts of Wales searching for a greater connection with nature where he would place cosmic symbols in the woods and on top of hills and set them alight in ritual fires, to his convalescence from hepatitis in Australia where he experimented in a more performative way.

Burne.                                                  120 x 111 cms        1977 -2022
Growth.                                             140 x 110 cms      1977 - 2022
Gaze Dec 21_edited.jpg
Gaze.                                                  140 x110 cms      1977 - 2022
Broken mornings.                                                       76 x 152 cms     1982 - 2022
There at last.                           150 x100 cms    2022
 The oldest man of all.     150 x 100 cms       2022
White noise/oldest man   diptych with sound                                                                               164 x 264 cms      2023      
Black eye.                                                   80 x 240 cms      2023

There at last they thought they had found him

The oldest man of all

Sheltering from the wind

Sheltering from the wind

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